Tuesday Tip-Off: ToeKnee Tea

Today’s tip-off is the dirty white boy blues of ToeKnee Tea.

With the success of The Revival Tour and the solo careers of it’s founder Tim Barry and regular Revivalist Ben Nichols of Lucero, there is no shortage these days of aging punkers trading in their distortion pedals and half-stacks for an acoustic guitar and a more introspective approach to their piss and vinegar.  However, few of them hit as close to the genre’s ideal mark as ToeKnee Tea.  With a voice that first strikes you with it’s whiskey and smokes raggedness, and a guitar approach that melds a distorted delta blues to roots rock, TKT’s sound is both familiar and fresh at the same time.  However,  it’s TKT’s softer more melodic side that seals the deal – as heard on the standout track “Rivercrest Dr.”  This is not to say that the floor stompers aren’t up to snuff, they are and then some, but it’s the perfect touch of melancholy on the slower track that calls you back for repeat listens.  A shame that there are only the three songs online, as we’ve seen TKT live and know his additional catalog is equally impressive.  Here’s to hoping he gets it laid down and out into the world as soon as possible.

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