Tuesday Tip-Off: Self-Help Songbook Volume 2: Not Quite Real

Today’s tip-off is the latest from singer-songwriter Andy Goheen’s downtrodden yet whimsically imperfect Americana project Sticky & The Bs

Andy Goheen’s baritone is a beautiful and magical thing.  Like Hayden singing Silver Jews it balances a non-overwrought melancholy with a sense of the absurd, and in the divide it spans it manages to be more relatable than either side.  Sure David Berman has found a way to illuminate intimate corners of the human experience through the modern poetry/shambling country rock of Silver Jews and Hayden has plumbed the depths of self-conscious and self-aware suburban malaise in his work, but with Self-Help Songbook Volume 2: Not Quite Real Goheen strikes a chord missed before – that it’s fine to wallow in one’s own sadness as long as you also recognize how completely ridiculous the cause of said sadness is to begin with.  It’s fine to spend a while after a break-up (or bad week at work, or quarter-life crisis, etc…) listening to Disintegration, but when it’s time to come back to the world SHSV2:NQR will serve as a perfect transition record back to reality. Prepare for your own inevitable situation by grabbing a copy here.

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