Tuesday Tip-Off: The Horns of Happiness

Today’s tip-off is an internet re-release by the Oakland psych-kraut trio The Horns of Happiness.

Ex-Bloomingtonians by a few years, The Horns of Happiness are now based out of Oakland, CA but have spent much of their time on the road. It’s from their 2011 Spring Tour that the cassette only limited edition e.p. Be Where Your Aim Is Brave & Sound originated, but luckily for you has just become available for free download via their site.  Keys heavy and hypnotic, the e.p. moves from minimalistic dance rock to epic spirals of psychedelic trance.  Running throughout the collection of songs is a rhythmic bounce that keeps your head nodding, even in the spaciest darkest moments.  Finding a comfortable spot between the dance synth of early Wolf Parade and the more adventurous melodic flights of Blonde Redhead, BWYAIB&S is a second chance that everyone should jump on.  Download your copy for free here.

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