Where the Internet Took Us

ChaCha came across this great review of Fever: Little Willie John – A Fast Life, Mysterious Death and the Birth of Soul and not only has it made her update her Christmas gift list, it sent her on a quest for a little Little Willie John YouTube action, and oh we are so happy she did.  You will be too – check it, and ChaCha’s personal story about LWJ, below.

Anytime I’d discover some a soul or blues singer that piqued my interest, I would call my dad, who grew up soaking up all he could of that music. So when I first discovered Little Willie John many years ago, I called dad to see what he knew.

He told me one hell of a story about how at a wedding, Little Willie John killed a man for not giving up his seat to a lady. Holy smokes, I thought, that dude was a gentleman to a severe fault. I was told that this fateful day landed Little Willie in the big house and ultimately to his death at the age of 30. I never knew if dad’s story was true, but it made for an interesting back drop to the bizarre life and times of this remarkable artist.

While patrolling the interwebs yesterday, I was quite excited to see that Titan Books is releasing a biography titled Fever: Little Willie John: A Fast Life, Mysterious Death and the Birth of Soul. Hopefully now I can find out how much truth there is to that whole wedding murder story.

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