We Never Asked For This – Jessie Baylin

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a band who thought (or their label/manager/agent/girlfriend thought) that it would be a good idea to send us an email saying “like me! like me! like me!” (more or less).

Today’s blind submission comes to us from throwback pop chanteuse Jessie Baylin.

Apparently when you download an album from Noisetrade, they automatically sign you up for a daily email, which is kind of dickish, but they’re only electrons and it only takes a second to push the ole delete button, so whatevs right? What annoyed us more was the kind of middle of the road, boring, adult-contemporary, pop, country and pop-country that they were showcasing every day, and somehow suggesting that we might enjoy such things. But just as the Colts have broken their losing streak, so too has Noisetrade.  Showing up in the inbox last week was the Pleasure Center EP from Jessie Baylin, and we learned that dealing with a little spam can pay off in the long run.  Produced by Richard Swift, the EP is an effortless and beautiful trip that marries the hazy sonics of Mazzy Star with the unrequited lovers pop of Dusty Springfield.  Throw in a dash of Stevie Nicks at her most restrained, which Baylin occasionally sounds like, and you’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your late night reflections on the tiny heartbreaks and the lessons learned this year.  Available for a pay what you want download here, we suggest tipping big, because this is an EP you’ll be coming back to over and over again.

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