Tuesday Tip-Off: Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

Today’s tip-off is the pop-rock of Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

Civilized Man from Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes kicks off with “Bleeding Tongue” full of fuzzy keyboards, sparse and dirty guitar and blown out vocals and sounding not just a little bit like the Black Keys. But once you’ve settled into that groove the chorus hits and you’re not quite so sure anymore. Swirling and untethered it transforms the song, if ever so briefly, and gives you a hint at what’s to come. Moving through a variety of styles Civilized Man come closest to the adventurous pop of John Vanderslice, but whereas Vanderslice transforms his pop with sonic ingenuity DE&TGL bends a core sound around a dozen neighboring corners. Meditative percolating ballads, country shuffles, synth-rock, tin-pan alley, doo-wop rhythm & blues – just when you think you have the album figured out it throws you a curve ball yet again, while remaining undeniably pop and undeniably DE&TGL. Check out the album here and the video for the first single “Shoe Fits” below.

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