Talk Thursday to Me: Lydia Loveless

Today we talk with Lydia Loveless about her first headlining tour, inspirations, song writing and picklebacks.



Postcard Elba: So you just wrapped up a tour that brought you through Bloomington on a dark and stormy night that decided to flood my house – thus preventing me from attending. How was your show at the Bishop?

Lydia Loveless: Hahaha yeah, that was fun….It was an interesting night for sure. The bass player almost got hit by a car and there was no one there, so I was in a pretty whiny mood

PE: We don’t care much for outsiders….

LL: Hahaha

PE: No, but seriously, please come back. We actually rule pretty hard, most of the time. How about the rest of the tour? How was that? If I’m not mistaken this was kind of your first headlining run right?

LL: Yeah, I think we will be back in January actually. It was a really good tour, a whole month…and I was very surprised we actually had crowds in some places, because for the most part no one has known who I am up until the record coming out

PE: It’s certainly a record that is making waves in the roots and Americana scenes, and one that is getting compared to everything from Neko to Loretta to the cow-punk of the 80’s – but I’m curious as to how you think of your sound. Where do you see, or hear, that you’re drawing from?

LL: Hmmmm…well I don’t really know. I think songwriting comes from a very different place than deciding you’re going to mimic someone. Some people like to do that, but I’m reluctant to because I don’t want to sound arrogant or miss the mark. There are definitely people that inspire me, but most of the time people are like, “yeah but….who do you REALLY get inspired by?” haha… I guess I call it rural rock

PE: Yeah, I meant it more in the way of what do you listen to that inspires you – even if that is pretty far out from what you actually do with the inspiration. Because there’s definitely moments of almost punk rock like energy and piss and vinegar on the album, just filtered through this rural sound.

LL: Yeah, I was very inspired by punk when I started writing. But I wasn’t able to really execute it properly, so it turned into country I guess, ha. I was listening to a lot of Exploding Hearts, The Queers, GG Allin…and random stuff my boyfriend introduced me to, including country music.

PE: There’s definitely a connection between punk and honky tonk and classic country, it’s just refreshing to hear someone bridging the two out of the gate, as opposed to what seems to be the model – singer of punk/hardcore band gets older and tired of screaming and buys an acoustic guitar.

LL: For sure. Not sure how that ended up being so popular, it’s really frustrating though

PE:I said this in our review of your album, but one of the things that I really like is that you pull the corner back on the bad-girl image, revealing the insecurities that fuel your, or the character in the song’s, motivation for a self-destructive lifestyle. I guess I’d like to know how autobiographical are your songs? Are they pretty close to home, or are you secretly a Twilight loving Mormon just writing in that voice?

LL: Well, it’s definitely very autobiographical. But many of my lyrics slip from perspective to perspective, and I’m not always being myself. But I am Mormon.

Kidding about that last part.

PE: Of course there’s always an element of fiction in even the most autobiographical material, and I assumed as much, but you know what they say about assuming things.  Ok, so debut full length doing well, just wrapped your first headlining tour – next up is the co-headlining tour with Scott H. Biram right?

LL: Yeah, if I strictly wrote about myself I imagine the songs would be quite dull There is a little tour of just us before that, but then the Biram tour will start. Which is awesome, because I can’t think of a better place to spend January than the south.

PE: It’s just a shame you have to go with such a dull boring dude though right?

LL: Haha, yeah…I have heard it will be “demented”. Should be fun

PE: I don’t know Biram personally, but from his stage persona and the stories I’ve heard….well let’s just say your decadent lifestyle will be put to the test.

LL: It usually is on tour. I’m usually trying to stay in decent health

PE: Hot Yoga? Free weights? What’s your jam Lydia?

LL: I don’t really work out on the road. I use the hotel exercise room and swim, and I do a weird mash up of whatever I can remember from exercise videos. Lame. Mostly though, I like making friends on tour and everything, but I have really bad social anxiety and I like to be alone at the end of the evening. I actually can make myself sick from being in public every night. So I do not really like to party in the strict sense of the word.

PE: Which is of course kind of what you sing about on “More Like Them.”

LL: Yep

PE: So let’s go ahead and wrap this up – you said you’re coming back to Bloomington in January – what are three things you hope to see, smell and experience when you make your triumphant return?

LL: Ha. Well I would like to see and experience a big crowd, and I guess as far as smell goes I got a pickle back at a bar there I hope to smell and taste again.

PE: We’ll try to set up all three for you. Thanks for spending a little of your time off with us, and we’ll see you in January.

LL: No problem. Thanks a bunch!

Check out our review of Lydia’s latest album here and catch her live in 2012 at one of the following shows.

Lydia Loveless 01.13.12 CO Evergreen The Woodcellar Bar & Grill
Lydia Loveless 01.14.12 CO Pagosa Springs Outlaw SnowDownat the Athletic field in a heated tent!
Lydia Loveless 01.21.12 OH Nelsonville Stuart’s Opera House
Lydia Loveless 01.26.12 TX Dallas LaGrangewith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 01.27.12 AR Hot Springs Maxine’swith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 01.28.12 TN Memphis Hi Tone Cafewith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 01.30.12 GA Atlanta The Earlwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 01.31.12 TN Knoxville The Ciderhousewith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.01.12 NC Asheville Grey Eaglewith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.02.12 NC Charlotte Double Door Innwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.03.12 GA Savannah The Jinxwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.04.12 FL Orlando The Socialwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.06.12 FL Fort Lauderdale Monterey Clubwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.07.12 FL Tampa Crowbar with Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.09.12 AL Mobile Satori Coffee Housewith Scott H Biram

Early Show

Lydia Loveless 02.09.12 AL Mobile Alabama Music Boxwith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.10.12 LA New Orleans One Eyed Jackswith Scott H Biram
Lydia Loveless 02.11.12 LA Lake Charles Luna Bar & Grillwith Scott H Biram

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