Tuesday Tip-Off: Deftones

The nu-metal movement that arose to prominence in the 90’s and Aughts is not a favorite of ours, but in every era there is a band that transcends the genre with an undefinable quality that makes them stand out from the pack. The Deftones were that band for that time, and lucky for us, continue to be. They just released the video for the title track off their upcoming album Ohms. The sound remains the same and that is a good thing. No one does atmospheric heaviness better and when you have something as timeless and, dare we repeat ourselves, transcendent you don’t mess with the recipe. Ohms drops September 25th on Warner Records.

Side note, the press release included the line “…have announced their feverishly anticipated album…” which during a pandemic is top notch music publicist tunnel vision. Is it Covid-19 or are you just stoked that Chino and the boys are back? Consult your physician to be sure.


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