We Never Asked For This – Jealous of the Birds

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a band who showed up in our inbox unsolicited.

Huzzah to Jealous of the Birds for reminding us to always take the time to dig a little deeper. We were sent the second single off her upcoming album Peninsula, the breezy “Something Holy” – a perfectly fine entry into the ever growing (and quickly becoming overcrowded) genre that might be best described as “easy listening indie.” That’s not to say we don’t like the song, we do, but there’s just a lot of versions of this particular song out there right now. However, we noticed this was the second single, so we decided to check out the one we missed, the great “Young Neanderthal” – a song with a hint of muscle and dirt mixed into the formula that reminds us of the criminally underrated NYC band Like, Mountains – which is always a good thing in our book. That lead us to dig back one more layer to the non-album single from last year “The Grass Begins To Eat Itself” which occupies the same kind of swaggery territory that Heartless Bastards are known for. It’s rare that an email ends up having us both anticipating an upcoming release and excited to dig backwards through an artist’s catalog, but that’s exactly where we are and we ain’t mad about it.

Peninsula comes out September 18th, 2020 via Canvasback/Atlantic.

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