While We Were Sleeping – The Coke Dares

While We Were Sleeping is our new segment where we check out releases that we missed during our lengthy hiatus. Today’s catch up is the “Roburrito’s” EP from The Coke Dares.

Is a concept EP about a Pennsylvania burrito place and it’s fine burritos and burrito accessories what the world needs right now? Turns out, yes. Yes it is. The Coke Dares have long proven that they can make undeniably catchy and impressively short rock songs about such trivial things as carrying big boxes or the need to close a window and this release takes that talent to new heights. Imagine The Who Sell Out but with a single product placement in your ears and frontal lobe, delivered via seven perfect blasts of vocal harmony driven anthems built on all killer no filler riffs. Yes, the world is falling apart, but this EP reminds us that as long as we have rock n’ roll and burritos it ain’t all bad. Get your copy of the EP (spring for the 7″ – worth it for the inside artwork alone) or any of the fine Coke Dares releases here.

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