The All New Gloria Jones Challenge – Round 1

The All New Gloria Jones Challenge is the reboot of our examination of the many, many, many covers of Jones’ classic Northern Soul jam “Tainted Love” – to see how they stack up compared to the original.

Just as we’re back, so is one of our most popular segments – The Gloria Jones Challenge. Turns out the song has not lost it’s popularity as a cover for musicians from all walks of life, and so we proudly present The All New Gloria Jones Challenge and the first challenger, The Rockabilly Ravens.

First, as always, the original by which all challengers will be judged.

And now, The Rockabilly Ravens version.

ChaCha says: When Editor first sent me this link, I paid more attention to how many people they’d crammed into that seemingly tiny room than to the music. Without the visuals, I was less distracted by that and what I heard was a solid rendition of a song that’s like the proverbial dead horse of the music world. I mean, just how many times can this song be covered? The Rockabilly Ravens version was tight and each band member had their moment to show off their musical chops. It was straight and to the point without sacrificing anything, which I appreciated. 

Editor says: A fine first entry into the revival of this column, The Rockabilly Ravens keep enough of the soul of the original while adding their own twist on it. There are a ton of rockabilly versions of this song, but the addition of the horn section really makes this one stand out, as well as serve as a nice anchor to original’s Northern Soul roots. My only complaint is that parts of the song sound almost rushed and don’t allow it to swing and breathe the way it should. Don’t know if it’s the arrangement or the phrasing but some sections lose that bouncy feel. Still a very solid starting point to relaunch this segment of the blog.

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