While We Were Sleeping – Bassdbler

While We Were Sleeping is our new segment where we check out releases that we missed during our lengthy hiatus. Today’s catch up is “May HIs Passing Cleanse the World” from Bassdbler.

Longtime friend of the blog Bassdbler released his third album while we were away, the masterful May His Passing Cleanse the World. All of Bassdbler’s trademark elements are here again – bass driven, sprawling, trip-hop influenced instrumentals, intricate arrangements, Dune references a plenty – but May His Passing… brings a new sense of pulsating urgency to the mix. Basdsdbler’s work has always played like cinematic scores to unmade sci-fi classics, but this new release feels like the final 20 minutes, when the stakes are high and we’re not quite sure that the heroes will make it. It’s an intoxicating soundscape guaranteed to make your workday, commute or jog epic. Available at Bandcamp here.

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