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October 6, 2020

Tuesday Tip-Off: James Tillman

We included “Things to Say” by James Tillman on one of our Friday 5×5 posts a few weeks ago, but it’s high time we made it loud and clear how much we’re anticipating his sophomore album Modern Desires by tipping you off to the latest single “Night Fire.” Tillman’s alt R&B brings a languid, organic warmth that harkens back to classic 70’s soul, when artists embraced an expansive sonic palette and let a mood be a song’s engine rather than a single hook. Sexy, pensive, dreamy and melancholic (often all at once), it’s the perfect soundtrack for late night soul searching. Modern Desires drops this Friday, October 9th and we’re guessing you can probably get it at his bandcamp here. No pre-order up, hit it on Friday and see.

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