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October 26, 2020

Mike’s ‘Mericana Mondays – Li’l Cap’n Travis

Mike’s ‘Mericana Mondays is where friend of the blog, roots DJ, house show organizer, Bloomington Music Expo czar and all around nice guy Mike McAfee picks one song a week to share with the people.

Li’l Cap’n Travis – “To All The Trick Or Treaters”

Title track from their 2003 EP happens to be the greatest Halloween song of all time. This town in Texas decided to outlaw Halloween. Big mistake. “And in the morning when the sun came. The parents rose and didn’t say anything. They all sat silently and stared. You can bet your ass there will be candy next year. To all the trick or treaters, we’ll take back the night. We’re gonna be heard! We’re gonna be heard! We’re gonna be heard!”

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