The Midweekly – Mr. Bungle

The Midweekly is our new column from Mike Jeffers; lead singer of Chicago punk stalwarts SCRAM, music junkie and all around righteous dude.

It’s been 21 years since Mr. Bungle has released a new record. On this much anticipated release the band recreates their very first demo, previously only available in the underground tape trading scene of the late 80s. Long standing fans know that Bungle always had a knack for twisting genres, and exploring the depths of obscure sound, but have consistently planted a foot in hard rock throughout. Here on The Raging Wrath of The Easter Bunny all feet are firmly in heavy metal territory. Icons Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Scott Ian (Anthrax) lend their skills to original members Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, and Mike Patton to round out the group. A few covers and new songs are added to the track list as well. Blistering riffs, beats, and solos, plus darkly comedic lyrics and hardcore vocals, it’s everything a head banger craves. Digging up decades old songs isn’t always a good idea, but sometimes it’s freaking great. TRWoTEB available here.

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