We Never Asked For This – Hounds

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a release that showed up in our inbox unsolicited.

Press releases are funny things. Take for example, the press release we received for “Shake Me Up” by Hounds. It talked about how the band is a result of the members wanting a more aggressive rock sound than their previous incarnation as Clockwork. Yet, “Shake Me Up” is neither aggressive, nor really, even rock. It’s a Dwight Yoakam style honky-tonk banger that could probably become a refreshing country radio hit if pushed that direction and the stars aligned. The band also recently released an extremely faithful cover of Jet’s most Oasis(Beatles)-esque song “Look What You’ve Done,” although it’s interesting to note how American accents and a striped shirt gave us Beach Boys vibes this time around. With these two very different reference points, we have no idea what a Hounds full length will be like, but we’re interested in finding out.

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