Tuesday Tip-Off: Gentleman Caller

A lot of musicians have been woodshedding during the pandemic, taking the opportunity away from touring to focus on writing and recording, but few have been as prolific as Kenny Childers who recently dropped three, count ’em, three full length Gentleman Caller albums. All three of the albums (Songs From The Roost, AWOL & Iguana) showcase Gentleman Caller’s well established sound; a moody, vibey take on 80’s left of the dial alternative rock and the earliest days of the darkwave pop movement that sprung from the more aggressive and angular post-punk goth scene. Childers talent is crafting songs that invoke nostalgia for that era and sound while still sounding original and relevant to the now. All three albums available at the Gentleman Caller bandcamp.

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  1. Just saw this, thanks so much for the shout! We’ve got another up (Endless Sky) and another that will come out some time in the next 2 weeks. We’ve lost our minds.

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