Fasman’s Finds – D’Angelo

Fasman’s Finds is our column from Rebecca Fasman (intrepid record nerd, DJ, and curator at the Kinsey Institute) in which she shares what she’s listening to and why. 

This column has quickly become a sort of diary for me, so thank you and I’m sorry and you’re welcome. Not sure if anyone else’s week is going this way, but my week is full of THE MOST bullshit, on top of an already obviously difficult time. So many meetings and questions and zoom and Hanukkah (which is great but still stressful) and presents and sick family and anxiety and and and…I started thinking about what music I listen to help calm me down. I turned on Voodoo by D’Angelo, which turned 20 years old this year, and which, contrary to the title of this column, I most certainly did not “find”. For the past 20 years this album has been consistently in my rotation (possibly/hopefully in yours too) and I am so deeply grateful for it and for how sweetly and instantly happy it makes me. I still need my SSRI pills, but when I am feeling frantic and frustrated, as I have been this week, I love that this record has always come through and mellowed me out. It is, to quote all therapists, “a tool in your toolbox”. The entire album is perfect so picking one song is arbitrary. Listen to the whole thing and if you’re like me, the listening itself becomes a type of meditation, a way to get present, remember your body, and find some respite from the unrelenting bullshit. 

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