20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 – Mike McAfee’s 5

Mike in simpler, seedier times.

20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 is our year end recap of things musical and non that helped us navigate the undertow that was 2020. Since there’s no way anyone could come up with 20 nice things to say about this past year, we’ll each be doing 5 things for a cumulative team effort 20. Here’s our Mike’s ‘Mericana Monday columnist Mike McAfee’s list.

1. Instead of reading cable news, I spent a lot of time in 2020 watching and crying over The Dodo videos. Plus vicious dog farts constantly lingering in our house (due to changing dog food brands because the pandemic caused the grocery store to run out of our kind) can easily bring a tear to a good man’s eye.

2. I was an old school Zoomer. My favorite Zoom cast member of all time, Tommy White, showed my how to make a newspaper fort and I’ve been living in it since late April.

3. So many Trump 2020 moments made me feel like just maybe I’m not that big of an idiot. That’s not easy to do and he did it well and often. Here’s a favorite when the scholar himself credits WW2 for ending what he calls the great pandemic of 1917. All jokes aside…good riddance motherfucker.

4. One of my favorite moments of 2020 — Memorial Electric Company performing Whip-Poor-Will at the Bloomington Music Expo on February 8th, pre-pandemic.

5. Probably my favorite moment of 2020. This happened in Bloomington on June 5, 2020. Stronger Together.

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