20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 – Mike Jeffers’ 5

Mike in simpler, birdier times.

20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 is our year end recap of things musical and non that helped us navigate the undertow that was 2020. Since there’s no way anyone could come up with 20 nice things to say about this past year, we’ll each be doing 5 things for a cumulative team effort 20. Here’s our The Midweekly columnist Mike Jeffers’ list.

1) Rick Steves: Once a year, for the past several years, my wife and I have traveled outside the US for vacation. This year, for the first time, we had two trips planned. Besides not seeing our families for the holidays, this was our biggest bummer. But my man, Rick, traveled for us on the screen, and waxed profound and poetic about the world.

2) Found Footage Fest: Two guys from Brooklyn, via Wisconsin, have spent their adult lives combing through countless VHS tapes, and along with friends, turned it into a fun, weekly show on YouTube called VCR Party Live. They also travel around and do live events. But since that’s not possible right now, they’ve added a few more shows. They’ve become like friends to us.

3) Taskmaster: First heard about this in an article written a few weeks into the first lockdown. The article was about lifting spirits through binging something fun. And they nailed it with this show. I had been a fan of Greg Davies before this, and was very happy to see the silly giant in another project. One downside, it has really made me miss being outside playing yard games.

4) Live Streaming: A very sincere thanks to all the comedians and musicians putting out live shows for us to watch. One big highlight, for my wife in particular, was a Pearl Jam concert. Their return to Seattle show. Not quite the same as being there, but still great to watch her rock out on the couch next to me.

5) D&D: My good friends, hundreds of miles away, decided to start a game over Zoom, and I couldn’t be happier they invited me along. What more can I say!

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