20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 – JR McIntire’s 5

JR in simpler, sunnier times.

20 Things That Got Us Through 2020 is our year end recap of things musical and non that helped us navigate the undertow that was 2020. Since there’s no way anyone could come up with 20 nice things to say about this past year, we each chose 5 things for a cumulative team effort 20. But surprise! It’s an extra 5! A Christmas Miracle! JR runs the blog’s Instagram account and here’s what’s been keeping him going. Bonus positivity for you and yours on JC’s bday!

  1. YouTube has been a savior.  It’s true, like most others I have channels I follow (don’t ask they range from monster trucks in the ocean to shooting shaving cream cans to rare music performances and old school audition tapes) but with three kids and my wife and I working from home, we owe a lot to YouTube this year.  The need to get lost this year was great so, thanks for existing.  Here’s a personal favorite video I have watched quite a few times:

2. Delivery food in Bloomington really makes working and staying home a LOT easier.  We have some amazing restaurants in our town that provides a great deal of variety.  I have picky eaters (myself being one but in the way that I like everything and can’t decide) so pleasing everyone can be a challenge.  We have some delicious, responsible establishments to leverage during this and it has helped tremendously.

3.Video games.  Period.  I’m not a huge gamer but they have been another boredom killer.  We like the Nintendo Switch and all its glory.  To be completely honest, Among Us has taken over.  The game is simple and it’s learning curve is really something to marvel.  I play with family members that span a large range of age and everyone is even on skill.  That can be a hard achievement for a simple, 0-5$ game or application.

4. ProTools Cloud has allowed me to work on more music than I would’ve outside of a pandemic.  I have finished an EP, working on a second one and on two other EP’s for partners.  Writing for the new Arctic Char record while the new one is finished, for an artist, it’s a life raft.  There is really no replacement for live music in a room together feeling the same feeling but writing, contributing and completing songs in this way has been surprisingly gratifying as a songwriter and performer.  Highly recommend, not cheap but if you use it, it’s worth it.

5. Family and friends.  I am lucky to have you and have had you.  Whether we agree or disagree you have helped me through 2020 and will continue to forever.  Thank you for being you, keep it up.  Takes all kinds.  “Dude Guy” out.


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