The B-Side: Channel 3

SoCal 80’s punk band Channel 3 got a bit of a revival a few years ago when “Strength in Numbers” was used in Stranger Things 2, and now their old label Posh Boy is hoping to catch the cultural zeitgeist again with a digital push of the song, listing it as “The WSB Anthem.” WSB standing for Wall Street Bets, the Reddit forum which recently shorted the short sellers with their GameStop stocks push. Is there anything more punk than stock manipulation? What kind of portfolio would Joe Strummer recommend? Who can say? All we know is this song rips, has always ripped and shall continue to rip, no matter what way it gets repackaged.

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One Comment to “The B-Side: Channel 3”

  1. Guilty, as charged.

    I am going down. Finally.

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