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Fasman’s Finds is our column from Rebecca Fasman (intrepid record nerd, DJ, and curator at the Kinsey Institute) in which she shares what she’s listening to and why. 

I have a weird thing with lullabies. There are some singer-songwriters whose songs feel like lullabies to me, they feel like they are part of my lexicon already. More about that later.

Arlo Parks just released her album Collapsed in Sunbeams last week. She is 20 years old and just made a deceptively good record. I can see it being played in coffee shops, and sure, if you aren’t listening to the lyrics or paying attention to the production, it can be pleasant background music. But if you do give a closer listen, Arlo rewards you with some pretty incredible lyrics about grief, belief, pain, boundaries, and strength and love you can get from going through all of it. At 20 years old! 

Certain songs on this album feel like lullabies to me, and like lullabies, the surface might be easy, but the deeper you dig, the darker and more complex the story becomes (fuck with Hush Little Baby and You Are My Sunshine and get back to me). I don’t make this comparison to in any way simplify or patronize this album. Some of my most favorite singer-songwriters’ work resonates in this way with me. This album is ridiculously easy to listen to, but don’t let that keep you from exploring the lyrics and letting them sit with you. I haven’t been able to stop listening. 

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