The B-Side: Ghost of Vroom

Mike Doughty has spent most of his post Soul Coughing solo career putting as much distance between himself and the group’s sample heavy jazz funk trademark sound, putting out albums that showcased his masterful songwriting in more straight forward settings. In the last few years though, Doughty has started to revisit the sound that made him indie rock famous. He’s rerecorded and reinterpreted Soul Coughing songs and now he has a new band with Andrew Livingston, the Ruby Vroom referential Ghost of Vroom. The group sees a return to the samples, genre mashing and openness to unconventional song structure of SC, while showcasing Doughty’s continued growth as a lyricist. Following up on September’s three song EP Ghost of Vroom 2, the group is releasing their first full length on March 19th, the anachronistic Ghost of Vroom 1, which is available for pre-order now.

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