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March 23, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Lauran Hibberd

Holy hell do we love this. “How Am I Still Alive?” by Lauran Hibberd harkens back to such great 90’s female fronted grunge / alt rock bands as The Muffs, Letters to Cleo and that dog – and until this moment we didn’t realize how much we’ve missed that sound. The classic quiet verse / loud chorus structure, a big sing along-able hooky chorus, the girl power lyrics declaring happiness in independence, this one hits every mark dead on. If this is the sign of on oncoming revival of this part of the alt rock landscape then by all means sign us up.

March 23, 2021

The B-Side: Johnny Romantic

Sometimes you hear a song that is so perfect at checking every single box in it’s given genre you have to think…wait, is this a put on? Is someone parodying this style or actually just this faithful to it? And then you realize you don’t really give a shit, because it’s a great song and you enjoy it regardless. “I Won’t Need Your Lovin'” by Johnny Romantic is a classic honky tonk ballad that is so darn good it’s got an alarm raising timelessness to it. Our suggestion? Don’t think too much about it and just enjoy the ride.

March 23, 2021

Play Listy For Me – New Americana, Folk & Roots Volume 2

Play Listy For Me is our column where we share with you all the music we recently talked about in a genre blocked playlist, plus extra bonus songs.

Today’s lovingly curated playlist is bringing you all the best Americana, Folk & Roots music we talked about on the blog recently, all in one convenient listening location. Plus bonus stimulus songs to help get you through.

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