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March 30, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Nuns of the Tundra

Stoner metal riffs with the accelerator jammed to the floor are at the heart of “Low” by Nuns of the Tundra, but it’s the 90’s era alternative rock vocals and overall approach that makes the band stand out from the hazed and dazed rank and file desert rockers out there. If someone told us that combining Kyuss with Hum would work, and work this well, we’d be skeptical but here it is in full rocking glory.

March 30, 2021

The B-Side: Ida Maria

After a bit of a hiatus, Norwegian punk rocker Ida Maria returns with the slick and muscular “Sick Of You.” It’s a Joan Jett style straight forward rock and roll with guitars and attitude turned up to 11. Bombastic and anthemic without drifting into pretentious, it’s a scene stealing strut of a number. The deep fake video is a lot of fun, and makes us realize just how far that sort of cheeky video technology has come since the days when Midwest post-punk noise rockers Tremendous Fuckers used JibJab for their own evil rock n’ roll purposes (as seen below – consider it a bonus B-Side).

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