Fasman’s Finds – Tierra Whack

Fasman’s Finds is our column from Rebecca Fasman (intrepid record nerd, DJ, and curator at the Kinsey Institute) in which she shares what she’s listening to and why. 

Tierra Whack is a rapper from Philadelphia whose 2018 album Whack World is a masterpiece and if it’s not in your regular rotation, it should be. Her new single “Link” came out recently and the song and associated video are all about connection, something we (maybe I am projecting) all need more than ever right now. The video was made with LEGO, and Tierra Whack worked with public school students in Philly to help make the video. The lightness of the song, the ease, fun, and sweetness of the video makes me both wistful for past times and hopeful for future ones, which is a feeling I haven’t felt in a while. 

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