The Midweekly – HMLTD

First thought it was an abbreviation for Humiliated, then learned their first EP was titled Hate Music Last Time Delete. But that too was wrong. It comes from their previously hilarious name Happy Meals Limited. Can’t imagine why a label would ask them to change that! West of Eden is the London group’s debut release, and it spins the roulette wheel of styles and tones. Their often bright, flamboyant image isn’t just a gimmick. They confidently back it up with well polished brit pop, glam rock, and post punk. The production and songwriting takes turns between heavy electronic beats, layered guitar, stripped down tunes reminiscent of a surf, western, or cabaret feel, and even a few weirder tracks of fx laden spoken word. Vocalist Henry Spychalski croons and screeches out lyrics mostly of a dark storytelling nature. The album is definitely an ambitious start for this flashy band. 


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