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January 12, 2022

Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesdays is our new weekly column where we shout out new instrumental tracks and apparently try to find the worst clipart we can to go with it.

New year, new column! In this day and age of non-stop blah blah blah it’s good to detach from the human voice and just let the music carry you. Today we have new tracks from The Multiverse Concept and Alighted to do just that, after the jump.

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January 12, 2022

The Midweekly – curry

The Midweekly is our column from Mike Jeffers; lead singer of Chicago punk stalwarts SCRAMmusic junkie and all around righteous dude.

Bold colors and broad lines blend with the thin and subtle accents. Perhaps a clash for fun. All creating a pleasing pattern. And like the fabric, it can be expressed through music, too, as we hear on the debut album, Plaid, by the artist curry. The Indiana based songwriter, aka Ben Frazier, has woven together a collection of tunes with a little something for everyone. The twists from genre to genre allow these songs to both stand out on their own, and complement each other. Just as you’re floating away on an electro-laden wave of dream pop, the twang of an acoustic country ballad pulls you back to earth. But just as you’ve settled into that head space, here’s some guitar rock, and do I hear a saxophone in there? With the exception of a few moments, every instrument is played by curry. The music isn’t the only thing shifting tones. In the lyrics there are dark, humorist takes on worldly topics, serious personal frustration, and a love for the beautiful. It might seem sporadic as the mismatched lines crisscross, but curry is going for that eclectic, patchwork style, and his tailoring skills don’t disappoint.

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