Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesdays is our new weekly column where we shout out new instrumental tracks and apparently try to find the worst clipart we can to go with it.

New year, new column! In this day and age of non-stop blah blah blah it’s good to detach from the human voice and just let the music carry you. Today we have new tracks from The Multiverse Concept and Alighted to do just that, after the jump.

The Multiverse Concept – “Electric Jellyfish (Should Sting Us All)”
If you can keep count of all the counter rhythms going on in the first half of this one you’re a better multitasker than we are. Soothing pads meet with gurgling staccato bass lines meet tinkling harpsichord and we haven’t even gotten to the actual drums yet. It’s funky and brooding and builds to the unexpected second half where a big, and we mean BIG, guitar sound riffs us all the way home. It’s a quality track that evolves and keeps it fresh at every turn.

Alighted – “MRY2”
There’s a mechanical-ness to this one that makes it feel like you are inside some great machine built of sound. The relentless pulse of processes processing and ones and zeroes dancing in line to their intended destination. We say dancing and not marching, because despite the machine like quality to the track it’s light and uplifting, not dark and oppressive. If Pixar made Tron this would be a strong contender for soundtrack material.

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