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January 17, 2022

Mike’s Monday Muse – Phương Tâm

Mike’s Monday Muse is where friend of the blog, roots DJ, house show organizer, Bloomington Music Expo czar and all around nice guy Mike McAfee picks one song a week to share with the people.

As a wartime teenager, Phương Tâm performed in the Saigon nightclubs becoming one of Vietnam’s first successful rock-n-rollers. Tâm gave it up for love eventually fleeing Vietnam with her husband to California in 1975 where they raised a family. Incredibly, Tâm never shared her past fame with her children. Her daughter, Hannah Hà, found out in 2019 after being contacted by a Vietnamese film producer asking to use her mom’s music in a movie. Hà was inspired to find her mom’s tunes, which led to the fabulous 25-song compilation called Magical Nights: Saigon Surf Twist & Soul (1964-1966).

January 17, 2022

Week Starter – Colatura

Week Starter is our new Monday column where we give you a new song to kick the working week in the ass & help you power on through.

Today’s Week Starter is less of kick in the ass as it is a supportive nudge. “Team Sport” by Colatura is more of a gentle push out the door into yet another gray wintery pandemic day, but one that carries enough sunshiny melodies to keep you warm all the way to your destination. We’re suckers for boy/girl vocals over a perfectly crafted indie pop song (see our lifelong devotion to Canada’s greatest band Stars) and when you add in a cute video that offers alternative uses for an urn? Forget about it. This is the energy we want to carry into the week: light on our feet and laughing at somber settings.

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