Tuesday Tip-Off: Night Crickets

Iconic alternative music pioneers. They really are just like us! Stuck at home during the pandemic and going stir crazy David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), Victor DeLorenzo (The Violent Femmes, Nineteen Thirteen) and visual artist/alternative pop artist Darwin Meiners formed a supergroup for these less than super times: Night Crickets. But where you and I were staying connected via Zoom and online games, the Night Crickets did it by sending files back and forth, crafting A Free Society, their debut album. A Free Society seamlessly combines J’s dark romanticism with DeLorenzo’s dadaist jazz and Meiners’ atmospheric electronica tinged pop into an intoxicating blend of inventive yet oddly familiar sound. It’s a shades on in a darkened room groove that feels a bit like a minimalist jam breaking out at the late night spoken word performance. It’s cooler than cool and vibier than vibey and you need it in your life.

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