Week Ender – Wodan Boys

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you swaggering into the weekend with.

We put a cap on this week with the revved up power pop perfection that is “So Damn Much” by Wodan Boys. Hailing from the Netherlands and sounding like the reincarnation of Cheap Trick, the boys named after either the variant spelling of the Norse god Odin (probably) or after a Stargate SG-1 character (less likely but still cool) bill themselves as “high energy loudmouth rock music,” to which we ask “is there any other kind?” There are of course, as rock is a many headed beast, but other styles within the genre will never be as instantly fun as this track. It’s a foot stomping, fist pumping sing along from the jump and that’s the type of weekend we wish for you all.

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