The B-Side: Vala

The boast rap has been a foundational piece of hip-hop from the very beginning, and when it’s done well it’s a thing of beauty. A swaggery self-affirmation mixed with a challenge to all comers that works not only as a calling card for the rapper, but also as a hype song for listeners to rap along and pump themselves up for the gym, deal with a shitty work situation or an attitude thick night out with the squad. “Baddest Bitch” by Vala checks all those boxes and then some. With a delivery that hits like a more serious Princess Superstar riding on a beat that feels a bit like if Nas’ “Made You Look” got the Puff Daddy high gloss treatment, its an instant head nodder that reveals more and more lyrical intricacies on repeated listens. Without a doubt it will have you rapping along, proclaiming to be the baddest bitch no matter what your gender identity.

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