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February 11, 2022

Week Ender – Juniper Berries

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you swaggering into the weekend with.

It’s funny how certain songs find you just when you need them. Lately it feels like most of the world have been dealing with the motivational fatigue that comes from living in a multi-year pandemic surrounded by idiots who seem determined to make sure it never ends. Whole lot of back and forth of “gotta soldier on” to “why bother?” these days, whether that be working on large scale projects or working on personal goals like doing laundry, buying groceries or taking a shower. If you’re reading this and you can’t remember the last time you showered, go do that first and then come back.

All clean? Doesn’t that feel better? Yeah it does. You know what else feels good? “My Ambition” by the Juniper Berries. While written about JB’s own personal struggles with the ups and downs of that artist life, it certainly captures a wider mood and serves it up in an absolutely perfect slice of sunshine rock. Vocal harmonies ride over a bopping tune that gives us the wryness of indie rock with the kaleidoscope arrangements of power pop. It’s the salty sweet you need to get off the couch and take another stab at that book you’ve been wanting to write, or at the very lease take the piled up delivery boxes out to the recycling.

February 11, 2022

Friday 5×5

Friday 5×5 is our segment where we give you five new tracks to check out and give ourselves the challenge of describing said tracks in only five words.

Today we have 25 words total for 5 songs that totally don’t need us yammering on and on for you to get the point and that point is: they good. They real good. Check out the self-explanatory goodness from Airships on the Water, Matan Arkin, The Delines, Butterfly and Half Shadow after the jump.

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