Week Ender – Arm The Poor

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you swaggering into the weekend with.

Usually when we think of punk we think of the bops that blitzkrieg; the dead sprint to the finish: guitars, bass, drums at full throttle and a vocalist surfing on top of it all in yelps and growls and whoooooaaaaas. But do not overlook the A+ mid-tempo punk chugger, that muscled up melodic rocker more suited to head nodding than getting crucial in the pit. Arm The Poor bring such a top notch number with “Yacht Rock,” the title itself a clever little nod to the slowed down nature of the jam. There’s a vibe of reflective thoughtfulness that runs through this one that would’ve been lost at 200bpm, and while it might be cheap to say that slowed down rock implies a certain maturity, it certainly does have that feel. Punk’s not dead, it’s just occasionally wistful and that’s a-ok with us.

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