The B-Side: Loren Beri

It’s always exciting when Loren Berí (Met City, Gardendale & Berkley) has a new project and his latest solo release is no exception. “My Brooklyn” finds Berí trading in his former orchestrally influenced indie leanings for a decidedly more synth driven approach and to great effect, taking more than a few steps into a sound not unlike LCD Soundsystem. It’s hard not to make a comparison with that particular on again, off again, break up and then have a residency project as the lyrics of “My Brooklyn” focus on NYC and explore the same kind of juxtaposition of detached satire and vulnerable emotion that James Murphy built into a brand, but that is not to say that Berí doesn’t make it his own. While this song could very easily occupy the same art school dance party playlist as LCD, the sense of melody and composition is uniquely Berí, with his baroque pop DNA breathing between the electro beats and bubbling underneath the synth lines. It’s a catchy ode to Brooklyn that is both celebration and critique and has us excited for the rest of the debut release Stray Cat Kingdom coming out later this year.

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