Tuesday Tip-Off: Vakili Band

Hey kids, do you miss kick ass female fronted rock n’ roll? God knows we do. In a world where Phoebe Bridgers (aka Lana Del Ray + clove cigarettes) is seen as a “rocker” and our eyes stay on permanent roll what a breath of fresh air “Rachel” by the Vakili Band is. Actually, scratch that, it’s not a breath of fresh air, it’s a gust of sweaty, musty, dankness that is a packed rock n’ roll show in a dark little venue with no VIP lounge and no doors on most of the bathroom stalls. The Patti Smith Group vibe is strong with the Vakili Band, both in the straight ahead rock n’ roll fire and passionate street poet vibes, and we’ll take that over ironic detachment and empty theatrics any day of the week.

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