The B-Side: Julia Gaeta

There’s a warning at the start of this video about it containing flashing lights, but we just want to reiterate that it’s pretty much nothing but flashing lights, so if you have a sensitivity be doubly warned.

We love us some 80’s darkwave and love it even more when a new song in that style is so good that should a DJ put it in the mix it would have the entire goth nightclub making out in dark corners. And we know you’re saying, “but aren’t goth nightclubs like 80% dark corners?” to which we say “EXACTLY.” That’s how good “Weight of You” by Julia Gaeta is. It’s an ominous pop song that keeps it sexy without trying and is sure to be the cause of multiple full on leather on latex grind sessions. All while that one person dances alone in the middle of the dance floor; which is also somehow, against the laws of physics, a dark corner.

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