Week Ender – Dust Raps The Blues

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you swaggering into the weekend with.

Ooooh this is that good shit. That good shit you probably need after another week of global uncertainty mixed with the good old fashioned day to day hassle that is being alive. But as Dust Raps The Blues reminds us, sometimes you gotta embody being alive with some serious attitude and defiance. “I’m Alive” is a mix of classic battle rapper boasting and vulnerability that brings to mind the great Brother Ali, which is amplified by the production that has a similar vibe to the work of Ant who produced the first several Ali albums. If you’re going to have influences, there are few finer ones to have, but Dust also puts his own spin on things lyrically and flow wise. The guest verse from Mac Lethal is great because of course it is, he’s one of the GOATS of underground rap, and then add some classic scratching over a hook to take us out? Like we said, the good shit.

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