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March 22, 2022

Tuesday Tip-Off: V.A.L.

There’s no denying ’tis dark waters we be in – both metaphorically (war, record high temps at the polar caps, the current Covid ebb about to turn into flow, etc…) and literally (it’s gray and stormy here in the Midwest) – and coffee can only do so much. Where’s the lighthouse of hope to help us through? Why here it be matey!* “BUS (Baby And Us) [Alternate Version]” by V.A.L. is the beautiful track to raise your spirits and ship above the undertow. As the title might imply, this is a love song between partners (real life couple Vassilios and Rhyannon duet on the track) and to the new life created from that love. We’re suckers for well written boy/girl indie rock and this track is no exception. It’s delicate without being twee and structurally different without feeling forced. These are the gentle winds we need to get us all back on course.

* Did I forget to mention I’m writing this in a pirate voice due to a lack of sleep last night? Ok, go back and read this again in your best pirate voice for full effect.

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