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April 5, 2022

Tuesday Tip-Off: Saxon Jenkins

We, like most of our fellow elders, have a healthy hatred of the TikTok generation. Millions of young people chasing fame by lip syncing words sung by others and doing the latest dance trend and telling dad jokes that have been around forever. Essentially doing anything other than showing some sort of talent or heaven forbid, an original thought. So you can understand our hesitation when we saw the babyface of Saxon Jenkins and the ring light + green screen music video for “Heart Attack,” but it wasn’t long before this plucky Australian teen won us over by A) singing and playing his own song and B) that song being pretty good. Before you pull up your Michael Jordan “Fuck Them Kids” meme give it a spin and realize that this kid has written a catchy straight forward rock n’ roll number in the vein of The Hives (albeit on the poppier side), something we can always use more of.

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