Wordless Wednesdays – The Still Point

Wordless Wednesdays is our column where we spotlight the best new instrumental tracks.

Fun fact about Postcard Elba – 75% of the staff are musicians, so it is with great authority that we say that The Still Point are a bunch of real jerks. Coming in here playing beyond our wildest dreams with licks that are so clean and tasty and adventurous and tight and precise and it’s like, ugh, we get it already – you fucking rip. Landing somewhere between jazz and math rock “Landspeed” is a masterclass in subtle shredding. Guitarist and bandleader Hayes Cummings grabs the ears first with runs that give us hand cramps just thinking about, but dig deeper and notice that the rhythm section is also so good it’ll make drummers and bassists want to list their gear on Reverb too. This is, quite simply, as good as musicianship gets.

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