Week Ender – I Used To Be Sam

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you into the weekend with.

Typically with the Week Ender column we give you a big energy rock n’ roll or hip-hop number to get the weekend started, or maybe some sexy R&B to make that weekend spicy, or occasionally as we did last week a “keep your head up, we can get through this” style anthem. Today we want to mix it up and send you into the weekend thinking about empathy. How we can all get to a better place by doing our best to understand and respect others journeys. I Used To Be Sam is the latest project from Annie Goodchild and is her most personal date, unpacking her search for identity as a transracial adoptee. Goodchild’s voice is a powerhouse, no doubt, but the real power is in it’s control and subtlety, the emotional resonance. On “Mountains” it weaves in and out and rides atop a slinky and inventive R&B track that brings to mind Solange’s masterpiece A Seat At The Table. Similarly to that album, Goodchild incorporates clips of interviews into the track, but in this case with other transracial adoptees sharing their stories. It’s a lush and lovely song that flourishes in the ears but opens the eyes and ultimately rests in the heart – if you let it.

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