Tuesday Tip-Off: The Lied To’s

Fun fact for you gentle reader, Postcard Editor loves the Tom Waits song “Time” so much he has one of the lines tattooed on his body. “Time” by Pink Floyd? Another all time classic. We can now add to that short list of Time songs that are in their own stubbornly contradictory way timeless the song “Time” by The Lied To’s. Despite it sounding like the name of a political hardcore band, The Lied To’s is actually singer-songwriters Susan Levine and Doug Kwartler and with this one they lay it down with the utmost tastefulness. That restrained tasteful approach puts the entire focus on the song’s narrative which balances a simple poetic lyricism and a wistful understanding on the back of Levine’s divine vocals for stellar results. A lot of time songs like this can be too straight forward, too on the nose, but The Lied To’s have created something here that is both plainspoken and profound, and that’s what makes this a new classic.

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