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April 19, 2022

Tuesday Tip-Off: Eyal Zuzman & Amir Lev

There’s a distinct pleasure in listening to music in another language, your brain and ears deprived of lyrical meaning are allowed to focus on and hear things they might otherwise not notice. The way all the other parts, including vocal melody, fit and fight with one another. The push and pull and dance of the music and voice free from the analyzation and judgement that we usually run songs through so that it rests in a very different space inside of us. “One Stork” by Eyal Zuzman and Amir Lev lands not only lands in that space, but sets up shop there. A quietly driving number that blends acoustic instruments and percussion with a restrained drum loop and female backing vocals for a vibe that feels a bit like modernized Leonard Cohen. It’s a beautiful ride, even if we don’t know what the conductor is saying.

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