The B-Side: Layn Pieratt

Layn Pieratt moved across the country, ditched the moniker Mx. Moon and recorded eight songs documenting their first hundred days as an Angeleno. Released under the appropriately titled 100, the collection finds Pieratt keeping one foot in the experimental soundscape world they explored as Mx. Moon while simultaneously stretching out into more traditionally structured indie pop fare. The layered dreaminess is still there, but with it now comes hooks and beats and a new sense of life percolating throughout. If Pieratt’s previous work dwelled in the realm of half remembered dreams and hushed midnight confessions, 100 is clear eyed and staring toward the horizon in the twilight moments just before dawn breaks. As a listener it’s a beautiful space to inhabit and one that we’ve been visiting again and again through repeat plays. Our bet is you will too.

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