The B-Side: Ryan Cassata w/ Hello Noon

Happy Pride Month to all who celebrate, which really should be everyone when you think about it. What kind of person wouldn’t celebrate people celebrating all the things that make them beautiful? Of course the answer is quite a few right wing politicians, who have once again mounted a hate filled push to strip some of their fellow Americans of rights, safety and dignity. So what better time than now for singer-songwriter and long time LGBTQ rights activist Ryan Cassata (with assistance from Hello Noon) to drop a modern day anthem in “Hold On, You Belong (People Like Us).” Like Baez, Seeger, Ferrick and Bragg before them; Cassata recognizes the best protest song is one with a chorus designed for an impassioned sing along, and one that acts not so much like a molotov cocktail to the powers that be (although those are always good too) as an uplifting mantra. Like “We Shall Overcome” and “Blowin In The Wind” the focus of “Hold On” is on the strength and resilience of the oppressed and the assurance that no one is alone in the fight.

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