Week Ender – Making Movies

The Omega to the Week Starter Alpha, Week Ender is the song we want to send you into the weekend with.

“XOPA” isn’t just the best Afro-Latin rock track you’ll hear from, checks notes, Kansas City this week it’s also most likely the best Afro-Latin rock track you’ll hear all year from all corners of the globe. KC’s own Making Movies bring the rhythms and melodies you expect in a traditional leaning Latin banger but give it enough grit, rasp, dirt and urgency to make it rock as well as swing. Just like how Los Fabulous Cadillacs changed the ska game in the 80’s by incorporating South American styles and rhythms (as well as a hearty dose of rock) Making Movies reinvigorates two genres by seamlessly blending them. They’re not the only ones out there working a Latin rock nexus, but if “XOPA” is any indicator they’re leaps and bounds above the rest.

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