The B-Side: Faux Naïf

It is important to know one’s self. To realize without pretense who you are and to be ok with it. Faux Naïf from Sweden certainly know thyself because when they submitted “Walking On The Moon” to us they said it “has a real Morcheeba vibe.” That it does. From the effortlessly groovy yet chill rhythms to dreamy vocals this is almost more cheeba than Morcheeba and we are on board. Oftentimes when a band sounds too much like another band it’s a turn off – sorry to the thousands of QOTSA clones we’ve said no to over the years – but sometimes a song is good enough to clear that hurdle and land in our hearts, and that rare treat is what Faux Naïf pulls off today.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this. Very meaningful for us!

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